President's Message – Spring 2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020

President's Message – Spring 2020

Dear Fellow Hydrangeaphiles,

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the meaning of “phil or phile” is loving; having a fondness or affinity for. Hydrangeaphiles definitely have an affinity and love for hydrangeas. 

Some of us probably even have an addiction. What is not to love from a plant that comes in different shapes, and sizes, has captivating colors of blue, pink, reddish, white, cream and purple? Okay, in winter most of them look like barren sticks shooting up from the ground, however, by spring they redeem themselves with their flush of leaves. By planting the different varieties of hydrangeas – oakleaf, arborescens, macrophylla, panicle, and serratas you should have blooms from spring through midsummer, possibly into early autumn depending on your growing zone. The autumn sunlight accents the fall foliage colors of burgundy, scarlet and yellow on many of the hydrangeas. In the Atlanta area, some of my remontant hydrangeas had blooms in December. Dried hydrangeas are perfect for your indoor winter decorations.  So, in my humble opinion, a few months of barren sticks, is well worth enduring for the abundance of blooms throughout the growing season.

With the unsettling pandemic of COVID-19, unfortunately, the Spring AHS Meeting on April 27, 2020 will be CANCELED. The April meeting was to include a panel of hydrangea experts to answer your hydrangea questions. In lieu of the meeting, we asked our AHS members to email their hydrangea questions. The AHS Board and panel will focus on the most frequent questions. The panel and AHS Board responses will be sent by email on April 27, 2020 to AHS members. We hope this will help to bring a little normalcy and diversion during these challenging times.

It is with great respect for the pandemic and the uncertainty of when the “social distancing” will be lifted, that the AHS Board has made the decision to CANCEL the 2020 AHS Garden Tour. Preparing to be on a garden tour during a pandemic when it is difficult to obtain supplies and plants would be quite a challenge. We also want to protect everyone involved and those attending the tour. We are very grateful that the 2020 Garden Hosts have agreed to be on the tour in 2021. Please mark your year 2021 calendar now for Saturday, June 12, 2021 for the AHS Garden Tour.

Even without the Garden Tour this year I hope you appreciate the newsletters and resources that the AHS offers to our members. If you have not renewed your year 2020 membership, please do so by PayPal or mail. For information on renewing your membership, please go to http://www.americanhydrangeasociety.org/Join.aspx

With all the uncertainties in life right now, I hope each of you is finding comfort and enjoyment in your gardens. My husband and I moved to a new home this month, which brought both sadness for leaving our garden, but also the excitement of creating a new garden. I brought with me cherished plants that dear friends have given me over the years. Each one reminds me of the joy and friendships I have discovered through gardening. Where would we be without our family, friends and gardens?

Hopefully, by October 26, 2020 we will be back again at the Atlanta History Center listening to Carol Reese giving her talk on “Paniculatas on Parade”. Until then, we can share our gardens through the AHS Facebook page and on Instagram.

Health, peace, and happiness to you all,

Eva Kinney, AHS President


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